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People and Kudos

There are many people who have helped make the Gardens.
Kudos act as credits allowing free residential days, meals or training.

Work for 4 hours, eg weeding, feeding animals, art for the gardens = get 30 Kudos.
2hrs hard work, eg hole digging = get 30 Kudos
but really hopefully people will just do things they enjoy that help the Gardens and kudos are them being recognised.

in general:
1 day of a person staying eg camping costs 10 Kudos. 
1 week of parking a caravan, tiny house, other shelter bigger than a tent, costs $10
A basic workshop, may be 20 kudos

Costs will change as facilities improve.

Thinking about teirs:
eg if have 1000 kudos, camping is free
2000 most workshops are free.
20,000 meals are free
10,000 most training free

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Andrew Director  infinite :) 
Leon Contributer  520 
GeekGurl Specialness  1640 
Wraith Grump  200 
Bird Farmgirl  80 
Tanny Educator  1200 
Steve Worker  80 
emmanuel w'bool yr10 2015 class  600 
lala artist  300 
tomas hunter  100 
Jerimie Traveller  200 
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