Water Systems

The water systems of the gardens are at a very early stage but are some of the most important systems for the sustainable running of the property. Almost all buildings will have some level of roof water collection with guttering taking rain water to Water tanks. A variety of pumps will be used. Currently there are 12V DC electrical pumps run off self contained solar systems. There are both high speed and high pressure pumps to get up the quite high hill, but the overall flow rate of the pump system is very low. It is intended as just a drip system backup for the keyline swales and natural water collection in the soil.Multiple reservoirs of various scales exist from bathtubs to drums to dams and ponds. These can be used to water animals, grow aquaponic plants as well as regulate the pumps and water flow.

In time the electrical pumps will controlled by arduino microcontrollers giving software control and more intelligence to the system.

Future systems will include wind powered vertical axis pumps. These should be more rugged and capable of running at a greater range of wind speed than conventional 'airplane' wind power systems.

Kitchens and Bathroom will send their grey water through a series of processing system. Including a wetland of plants.

permanent pond

Ponds are an important part of the Gardens. They are beautiful, restful places to be.

They also stabilise temperatures, store water, add important environments.

Water systems can be very productive. Many plants and animals are to be included in the various ponds. Ducks, yabbies, water lilies, Azolla or duckweed, bait and edible fish. Pumps for aeration will be used in places.

Mostly these are made in excavations made for the quarry. But some dams may be added. Micro-catchment ditches and channels directing or slowing the water are also progressing.

The Gardens are bordered by a creek and the the various systems are to be designed to help its health.