The Gardens are for people to come and visit and be in quiet. Nature and cows and slow growing permaculture gardens around them. An artists retreat, somewhere to write book, thesis or app, or just somewhere peaceful to be. It is also for building skills such as off grid solar, permaculture gardening and natural building. To come stay at the Gardens you must book ahead. The more time ahead the greater chance it can happen when you want it. Places are limited at most times, however space is also usually available.

Be aware of the risks involved. It is a rural setting with construction often going on. There are snakes and spiders and spiky plants and nails and hot sun and slippery mud.

Pay can be organised but would probably rather you helped a little instead.


camping spaces.

Space in storage containers

Access to very limited power

3G+ mobile phone reception

No toilets. Pooping sitting on a toilet lid on a bucket. Dry husk added to content and fullish buckets moved to biodigester tank.

Leave the place better than you found it.

You can be asked to leave any time you are disorderly or disruptive.

Later stages the gardens will have

Self contained cottages

Dormitory accommodation

Artists studios and residences

Community facilities. Toilets, kitchen, meals, common room

Luxury facilities. hot-tubs, sauna.

Workshop areas

blue wren