Also see Plants and Garden beds

Gracie’s place.

West of the grottoes.

Flowers and low food perennials.

Raised area above the grottoes.

Camping and temporary residences (eg spare bedroom container).

Low food perennials.

The Hobbit Hole

Dug into the cliff

It will start as a garden>greenhouse>light filled artists residence

Fruit tree inside.

Bath and Pool

Two unfinished rock pools, a bath for bathing and a pool for plants and fish (and possibly a waterfall!). The pool will act as a natural filtering system for the bath.

Apple tree.

The Elf House

Excavated and tree shaped sheltered camp site.

Leon's Apple tree.

Secluded and picturesque seating area.

little stock yard

Entrance Gate


Windbreak and functional woodlot.

The Big U, Main Building area.

40’ storage>dorm>main room

perennial and easy care vege garden

bamboo shelter

Berry runs >Berry labyrinth

Water Garden

Ponds. some permanent, some transitory

Food forest. mixed vege gardens, trees

Main Quarry

- beautiful - 4 elements, water, rock, fire, air

stone circle >Gazebo, pond in middle, dojo? meeting area

trees on west side

shroom garden

garden beds

>japanese rock/sand garden

quarry wall looking stark and air

>pizza oven, central fire pit?

1st bed

ringed with trees, herbs, rock path

perennial-basil, oregano, fig, native-rasp

leads up to rocks that overlook down below

mini kitchen. rocket stove. exhaust can be vented under house to heat. or away if hot.

Medicine garden site

20’ burnt out container. To be replaced.

gardens on raised area west side to catch north light.

screened from view, Espalier garden (Lime, peach, loquat, bay, currant, salvia (lipstick, +, +), raspberry, oregano, basil, alyssum, coriander, parsley, geranium (red velvet ,+,+))

semi-external bathroom built into rock

a channel where flood water would flow down hill

Mushroom field

quite large. looks down over mount emu creek and caravan

field mushrooms in winter

The Plain of the Goblin Army

potential flood plain, NE facing.

The Path downhill

- water flows

The Enchanted Wood

- gum trees ringed by hawthorn wood

- sheltered and cool

The Upper Slope

- covered with berries

- consider harvesting paths

- scrub trees, hawthorn, cut for wood etc

- aquacultures?

- swales and terrace gardens

- chicken free range area?

- Sheltered food forest areas. circles of hawthorn

The Lower Slope

- covered with berries and hawthorn

- lower shelter hidden gardens and camp. Hiding place for north winds. 2 rooms

- apple and garden

Faerie Fields

Fire break tree cleared area below slope.

>indigenous plantings. hedgerow. running N-S so as to not catch embers

hawthorn hedge sections


herb bed


>rice in flood plain

>rotating animal pastures

>common dorm?

>workshops? tents?

>connected residences?


>kitchen?rocket stove

>greenhouses, south side to catch sun

>target range, archery etc


>windmill pumps

The Creek (boundary)

little stone jetty

stone fjord

sectioned water garden sections, depths

future "Creek Bathing Hut"