People and Kudos

There are many people who have helped make the Gardens.

Kudos act as credits allowing free residential days, meals or training.

Work for 4 hours, eg weeding, feeding animals, art for the gardens = get 30 Kudos.

2hrs hard work, eg hole digging = get 30 Kudos

but really hopefully people will just do things they enjoy that help the Gardens and kudos are them being recognised.

in general:

1 day of a person staying eg camping costs 10 Kudos.

1 week of parking a caravan, tiny house, other shelter bigger than a tent, costs $10

A basic workshop, may be 20 kudos

Costs will change as facilities improve.

Thinking about teirs:

eg if have 1000 kudos, camping is free

2000 most workshops are free.

20,000 meals are free

10,000 most training free

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